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Coama Leului 30 caps.

Flavin7 Premium Jubileum 1000 ml

Olimpiq StemXcell
The Protector of adult stem cells
Seed extracts, celadine skin, black grapes, blackberries, blueberries, peels of black cherries, of bob, of plums, of dry apples, nettles, Equisetum, bob flowers, extracts of birch tree leaves, concentrate of black grapes leaves, gelatin.
Compounds of fruits and herbs with a high concentration of polyphenol, resveratrol (vegetable antioxidants).
Seeds and peel of lyophilisered, crushed fruits.

Way of giving:
1 capsul a day, maximum 2 capsuls a day. It is to be swallowed with a large amount of water!

- Do not take more than the daily recommended doze!
- This food supplement does not replace proper nourishment!
- Do not leave it within the reach of children!
The Stimulator of adult stem cells
Antrodia camphorata, Afa (Aphanizomenon flos, aqva or alga afa), shark cartilage, fucoida, hemp seeds, chlorophyll, corn, lycium.

Active substances of Olimpiq stem cell:
Polysaccharide, triterpenes, aminoacides, fucoida, organic chlorophyll nanosicillin, licopin, polyphenol, flavonoids , antioxidants, phenylethylamine, photocyanine.
Do not leave it within the reach of children!
This product is a nutritive supplement that does not replace the medicine and treatments recommended by doctors of speciality!

Way of giving:
1 capsul once or twice a day.
It does not contain: sugar, artificial dye, artificial aroma, soy, milk derivatives, dregs, conservants.
To be kept in dry, cool place ! Not to be kept in refrigerator!

Olimpiq stem cell is a new discovery, a product from the family of nutritive supplements!
One of the current problems in the research of stem cells is increasing their number. If we can make our body to produce more stem cells in a natural manner, then we can correct the body’s disfunctions.
The way of giving of these two main components :
1) CELL – The protector of adult stem cells that is to be given 30-60 minutes before
2) STEM – The stimulator of adult stem cells!

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